Gizzybiscuits (gizzybiscuits) wrote,

This entire excerpt is a fanfiction. What the hell did I just read?

Ok I'm not good with stories but I'm gonna try for all you guys.

One day was walking along with Coco and Crunch since they were really the only familey he had Just then all 3 of them saw cortex And knew something was up and ran up to him.

"Stop right there bandicoots." Said Cortex

"Excuse me why have you instucted us to stop." Asked Crash.

"For this. now!" orded Cortex.

Cortex grabbed Crash.

Tiny grabbed Coco.

Dingodile grabbed Crunch.

Polar Came and saw this and was about to attack but grabbed him.

"What is the meaning of this?"Asked Coco.

"To put you in diapers." Laughed Cortex.

Tags: cortex likes diapers apparently

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