Gizzybiscuits (gizzybiscuits) wrote,

Because I like to blacklist jerks.

Yes you, Keshira on Steamwheedle cartel.  European Steamwheedle obviously, not blacklisting someone in Americaland because I don't play there.

Trigger warning for dismissing the feelings of abused people
Picture has to be clicked twice to be viewed for some weird reason.

This is their friend.  Their friend can go choke on sandpaper like a real man.

What do you do when you're gkicked?  Why, show up to a guild meeting asking for an ic kick of course.

olololol boots


Yes, imply you're a bully before you leave, that'll work.  Genius.

In other news Constance is assailed by bees.

Yes, scream at the guild officer in whispers about your gkick, that'll work.

Also, if you are going to stealth near Erpers make sure you are 85 first.

Or um...This happens.

After some angry mail that got nuked by the ignore list, I told them I was ending the conversation and that they were lying about something or another.  Because yanno, they were.

Too bad their friend is a guildie.

Laala I am the worst liar ever or something because I don't even lie.

...Bullspreader sounds like a dodgy sex move.

I don't want to be a dodgy sex move. 3:

I kind of laugh at 'GO ON THEN TICKET ME' coupled with ghi blocking the ticket, then :| at what they are saying.
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